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Make the first step towards the body of your dream right now with new-gen natural weight loss pills! PhenExtra™ is not a simple food supplement. It is a magic pill that really helps to get slimmer.

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Over the period of nine years, more than 50 thousand men and women in different countries of the world have resolved their weight issues with the help of PhenExtra™. These fat loss pills really work, 12 million capsules sold are the best evidence of this fact.
What you get with PhenExtra™
Stop Fat Production

PhenExtra™ contains natural components, blocking body fat production. While burning the stored fat, you'll get slimmer and slimmer, as new extra fat just won't be produced. This mechanism helps to maintain the achieved results and not to gain weight after you've completed your 30 days fat loss plan. Extra fat will be split and withdrawn from the organism via the blood stream. Mind that to get the best results you should take PhenExtra™ as recommended.

Boost Your Energy

You need a lot of energy to struggle your weight efficiently. PhenExtra™ not just splits the body fat. It gives a quick energy boost, which lets you use the hidden reserves of your body to make your everyday fight against extra weight most effective. At the same time, it is not a stimulator. PhenExtra™ diet pills don't contain synthetic components, so they are absolutely safe.

Increased Metabolism

Metabolic disorders are a very frequent cause of obesity and a fast weight gain. If for some reason metabolism is too slow, the effect from any weight loss supplements will be lower. PhenExtra™ contains organic ingredients, which regulate the metabolic process in the body, letting you make the most of using the fat burning pills. Moreover, healthy metabolism has a positive effect on your overall state, providing a fast withdrawal of toxins out of the organism.

Effective Appetite Control

PhenExtra™ is an effective hunger suppressor. Excessive appetite is a common problem of men and women, who are trying to lose weight. Repeated failures are often associated with inability to overcome hunger assaults. PhenExtra™'s ingredients influence the brain's hunger center, blocking these assaults. As a result, you don't feel hunger and can effectively manage the amount of calories taken.

Burn Fat

To get a perfect figure you need not just to prevent fat production, but get rid of the existing fat deposits. This is, probably, the greatest challenge in the process of losing weight. PhenExtra™ fat burn pills contain active herbal ingredients that provide the fastest splitting of deposited fat and its removal out of the body. These are the pills that actually work and make your stored fat melt day after day.

Improve Your Mood

Do you agree that your mindset is crucial for getting success in any field, including such a challenging matter as weight loss? If you are in low spirit, chances for success are minimal. Organic components of PhenExtra™ are full of vitamins and micronutrients that have a positive impact on mood, boost energy level and raise your spirit. With these top rated pills, you'll enjoy the process and regulate your body weight easily.

Increased Water Intake

Any serious weight loss diet plan is based on increased water consumption. Water helps us to remove toxins out of the organism, intensifies metabolic process and improves digestion. But few people can effortlessly drink the recommended daily amount of water. PhenExtra™ makes you drink more and enjoy drinking pure water. Increased water intake, in turn, will let you regulate body weight more efficiently and safely.

High Quality Formula

PhenExtra™ is produced in the facilities that are approved by FDA. All the components used undergo a compulsory strict quality control. Every pill contains only high-grade organic ingredients. No chemically produced and toxic components are used. The high quality of the supplement is confirmed by the results of numerous lab tests.

PhenExtra™ combines the power of seven effective natural ingredients in every tablet.

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What are PhenExtra™'s Advantages over other supplements?
Integral effect of seven ingredients

Though the components themselves are not unique (some of them have been used in traditional medicine for years), their ideal proportion in PhenExtra™ increases the effect of each ingredient, letting you make your weight loss plans as efficient as never before. Seven organic supplements perfectly complement each other, making PhenExtra™ the best fat burning pills for women and men. The secret formula of the pills is based on the latest medical research. Specialists confirm that PhenExtra™ has a stronger, faster and more prominent effect than previous-gen supplements.

Scientifically Proven Result

The high effectiveness of PhenExtra™'s ingredients is proven by numerous research and customer reviews. According to lab tests, it really improves metabolism and intensifies the process of fat burning. It is proven that PhenExtra™ can be used in a belly burn diet and in a 30 days fat loss plan with equal level of efficiency. Using the supplement as recommended, you'll get a guaranteed positive result.

100% Natural Components

Most diet experts believe that the best weight loss pills are those based on organic, natural ingredients. Though they do not give an immediate result like some synthetic drugs, they cause much less harm to health, and in a long-term perspective their effect is stronger. PhenExtra™ contains only natural components of high quality. This is an otc supplement, safe and efficient. Also, the pills don't contain animal products and can be safely used by vegans.

Available to Everyone

Unlike many existing remedies and food supplements, PhenExtra™ is available without prescription. Clinical trials as well as theoretical research have proven its absolute safety for men and women. Everyone can buy PhenExtra™ over the counter and use it as part of his or her fat burning diet without a risk of getting undesired side effects. Keep in mind though that the pills are not intended for pregnant/breastfeeding women and kids, as there were no clinical trials with these categories of patients. If you have serious health problems, consult a specialist before taking PhenExtra™.

Your Dream of an Ideal Body will Come True Sooner than You Think

PhenExtra™ is a herbal supplement, not a synthetic drug, so it can seem to work a bit slowly. But you should know that supplements of this type usually have a cumulative effect, and PhenExtra™ is not an exception. At the same time, it works faster than most food supplements - you'll see the result as quickly as after a month of regular taking.

If you read popular weight loss tips, you'll see that the best diet pills don't give immediate results. They are usually focused on a long-term perspective. In weight regulation with the help of herbal pills, regularity is crucial. The truth is that the longer you take it, the more impressive results will be. The second truth is that the slower you are losing extra weight, the better. Fat deposits that had been accumulated for years can't disappear overnight. So it can take several months to achieve your goal. Regularity and stability - these two aspects are keys in your best fat burning diet plan. Don't stop when you first see the result, move on and on, and your dream will become closer from month to month.

Quality Ingredients
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL
Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL is an amino-acid found in some food products including nuts, some vegetables and red meat. It is known as a natural stimulator that transforms body fat into energy, increasing overall energy level, rising spirits and intensifying the process of weight losing. You may be aware of the fact that dieting is often accompanied with fatigue, tiredness, lack of energy and low motivation. More on Wikipedia>>

Green Tea Leaf Extract
Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green tea is known as a powerful anti-oxidant. It contains polyphenols and caffeine. Polyphenols have a strong anti-oxidant effect; they remove toxins out of the organism, reduce cholesterol level and prevent a lot of diseases including obesity. Caffeine, in turn, boosts energy when you are tired and at the same time suppresses appetite. In other words, it lets you stay active without eating much. You eat less and don't feel overexhausted or nervous. More on Wikipedia>>

Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is an important component of PhenExtra™. You probably know of its stimulating effect - just remember how a cup of coffee helps you to wake up. Caffeine, contained in an ideal proportion in PhenExtra™, wakes up the entire organism, giving you the needed tone. What is more important, it increases thermogenesis in your body, which is crucial for fat burning. In fact, it is the best way to burn belly fat. All the processes without caffeine run slower and less effectively. More on Wikipedia>>

Capsicum Cayenne Extract
Capsimax Cayenne Extract

Capsimax Cayenne extract, also known as chili pepper is another important ingredient involved in the process of fat burning. It has been used for decades in traditional medicine of many cultures. You've probably noticed that people eating a lot of spicy food, (in particular, red pepper), are rarely overweight. Their secret is simple - pepper effectively burns fat by increasing thermogenesis in the organism. More on Wikipedia>>

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract
Bioperine Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper extract a.k.a Bioperine is a component responsible for metabolism improvement. In most cases, problems with extra weight are accompanied by metabolic disorders. Instead of withdrawing from the organism, toxins and cleavage products are accumulated in the body, creating numerous health problems. PhenExtra™, containing Bioperine, speeds up the metabolic process, which helps to lose weight faster. More on Wikipedia>>


Hypromellose is a sort of film that coats pills, which should be swallowed. It guarantees that the active ingredients of the pill will be absorbed in the right place and at the right time. Hypromellose itself is not an active component; it is responsible only for the pill delivery to the intestinal tract, from where the latter is absorbed into the blood. It is typically used in the production of film-coated tabs. More on Wikipedia>>


Leucine is an irreplaceable amino acid, which can be found in all types of proteins. It is often used in the production of food supplements for sportsmen and those who control their dietary habits. Leutine takes part in muscles formation, providing the organism with the required energy. Also, it contributes into fat burning process. No matter what fat you are fighting with - belly fat or face fat - Leutine will make the process faster and provide you with the energy you need. More on Wikipedia>>

Before and After Weight Loss Program with PhenExtra™

I'd been fighting with extra weight for 10 years. I was really fat after high school graduation. Phen Extra was the first supplement that helped me to complete my 2 months weight loss plan - 15 lb weight loss

Monica, 28

My ex told me that I needed to get into a shape. Though we broke up, I was thinking over these words until I found PhenExtra™. Now I am in my best shape and married! No more belly fat:)

Mike, 30

After childbirth, I started to gain weight excessively. It was actually very inconvenient for me to look that way. With these pills, I managed to become slimmer at last. Just a 7 months plan... :)

Susan, 25

I used PhenExtra™ durting a high protein diet to gain clean weight (without fat), with regular workouts at gym I reached phenomenal results!

Bart, 22

Frankly speaking, when I read about PhenExtra™ pills I thought that they would not help but they did, and now my figure is completely satisfying. Just take a look at my weight loss pictures!

Cruze, 27

Due to my tight schedule it was a problem for me to find a time for the gym, and I realized that I needed certain pills to make me slimmer. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to look better!

Dave, 36

I noticed that my husband didn't look at me with admiration anymore. I tried "Phen Extra", and in 9 months it changed my life. You see my weight loss before and after the program. Now we are happy!

Lisa, 46

I wanted to be slimmer because after a recent heart attack I couldn't do a lot of exercise. My boyfriend left me because I became fat. PhenExtra™ changed my life for better!

Carol, 31

After I noticed that I started gaining weight, I was looking for ways to lose weight fast and efficiently. PhenExtra™ turned out the right thing. My 3 months weight loss was even bigger than was expected.

Chi, 25

I learned about these pills from my sister - she told me that they were the most effective. Ofcourse, I decided to test it myself, and now you see a result. I'm slim & healthy!

Stacy, 28

I have always been an outsider because of extra weight. PhenExtra™ helped me to regulate my weight and I managed to build up my body. Finally, I see respect in my mates' eyes.

Lion, 39

I have a 3 years experience of a fruitless struggle with fat. Unfortunately I'm not able to exercise regularly, and pills was the only way. Phen Extra™ are pills that actually work - 15lb weight loss!

Kevin, 36

Losing weight has always been a problem I have had to deal with. I searched and searched for the right weight loss programs and supplements, but to no avail. It’s amazing how I have lost 16lbs!

Mark, 24

It was sad when people were staring whenever I entered the office. For a man of my calibre its a must to wear fitting suits at work. I've lost 17lbs in the last 3 months.

Greg, 45

Losing 22lbs of weight is not a joke. I say this because I am one of those women who always had doubts if weight loss pills worked. PhenExtra has worked for me and keeps on working!

Mary, 36

A friend who knew how I have struggled with weight loss for the past 5 years told me about Phen Extra. However, I have lost an amazing 40lbs in the last 9 months and I keep moving!

Monika, 28

I have always had problems with the way my tummy looked and how it took up my dresses whenever I dressed in tight clothes. I lost 48lbs and boosted my confidence.

Amanda, 23

My body led to low self confidence wherever I went. However, things have changed now. I have lost 28lbs of weight and that means a lot to me. I had my doubts these pills would work, but they had.

Marge, 36
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We are absolutely sure of the high quality and effectiveness of our product. And we want you to share our confidence too. We guarantee that PhenExtra™ will help you lose extra weight and become slimmer. Moreover, we guarantee it not barely in word but truly in deed. If you don't see the result from taking PhenExtra™, we'll refund you all your money except the shipping costs. We realize that many people do not believe in the power of pills anymore, especially if the pills are cheap or medium-priced. That is why we want to minimize your risks. We do it in order to attract new loyal customers, because most of first-time clients come back to us after they see that the product really works.

To get your money back, please, return to us all unused PhenExtra™ pills in their original package. The package should not be damaged. Keep in mind that you can do it within 60 days from the moment of the order delivery. After that you'll get all your money except for shipping costs back. We won't ask any questions and won't demand for explanations. We'll just return your money to you.

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We recommend taking PhenExtra™ 1-2 times a day. It is better to take it before your meals, on an empty stomach. The pill will suppress your appetite and launch the metabolic process. You will eat less and burn calories faster.

If you are not overweight, you can still take PhenExtra™ - one pill before meals (ideally - lunch).

Everything is individual. It depends on your body weight, age, overall condition and amount of extra body fat. For a starter you can opt for our standard 30 days supply, as 30 days is the minimal duration of PhenExtra™ administration.

For the best results try 60 or 90 days supply. PhenExtra™ has a cumulative effect: the longer you take it, the better.

One bottle contains a 30 days supply of PhenExtra™, i.e. 60 pills. If you take one pill a day, a bottle will last you even two months.

You can save more if you order 60 days supply - two bottles including 60 separate pills each.

Though PhenExtra™ is available without prescription, it is important to take it with a strict adherence to recommendations in order to get the best results. Take only one pill at a time. It is taken approximately 30 minutes before meals on an empty stomach.

You can take two pills a day, but they should be taken at different time of the day.

To buy PhenExtra™ you don't need a doctor's prescription. You can just order it over the counter at our website. To proceed to order, press the green button "order now" and choose the option you want to buy.

After your order is accepted, you'll be told the terms of delivery. It depends on your location, but usually doesn't exceed 7 days.

We have a flexible discount system, and we are always ready to tell you about the best hot offers. The amount of the discount will depend on the total cost of your order.

Also, we run a special loyalty program for our best customers on a permanent basis.

Yes, you can return all unused pills in their original (unopened) package, if for some reason you don't like the effect or decide that PhenExtra™ doesn't suit you. We won't ask you any questions - you'll simply get your money back.

The guaranteed return period is 60 days from the day of delivery.

PhenExtra™ consists of high-quality organic ingredients with scientifically proved efficiency. It contains seven core components: Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, Capsimax Cayenne Extract, Bioperine Black Pepper Extract, Hypromellose and Leucine.

All the ingredients have undergone numerous tests and trials, and are recommended by dieting experts.

It depends on many variables. Commonly, the visual effect is seen approximately after one month of regular intake of PhenExtra™. But of course, if you want to achieve serious results in weight loss, you should take PhenExtra™ for at least 6 months.

After the goal is reached, you are still recommended to return to taking PhenExtra™ from time to time in order to regulate metabolism.

50,000+ Satisfied customers!
Over the period of nine years, more than 50 thousand men and women in different countries of the world have resolved their weight problems with the help of PhenExtra™. These fat loss pills really work, and 12 million capsules sold is the best evidence of this fact.